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DragonVale, Amber Dragon, Gemstone dragon, Breed one with Quake + Evergreen

It is mid-August once more and the Amber dragon has returned to the market, following the departure of the Jade dragon.

"First discovered in the Drakar Forest, the amber dragon is one of the oldest specimens of dragonkind. The amber dragon's skin slowly hardens as the dragon ages, sometimes trapping remnants from the ancient world."

Amber is available at level 11. You can buy it for 1,500 gems and sell it for 1,500,000 DC. It takes 30h 26m 15s to breed (or 24h 21m in an updated site) and rewards you with 100,000 XP when hatched. Just like with the Jade dragon, a level 10 Amber dragon earns 2 gems per month.

There is but one combination for breeding an Amber dragon, and it is Quake + Evergreen.

Amber's decoration is the Tear of the Cataclysm. The description for this item hinted at the introduction of the Light and Dark elements late last year. This decoration costs 5,000 DC and awards you 2,500 XP. You can buy it starting at level 11, and it is 1x1 in size.

"Wrought by the terrible forces of the Cataclysm, these extraordinary chunks of blue amber are extracted from deep within the Scar of the World. Wizards are busy investigating the mysterious play of dark and light within these artifacts. "

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DragonVale, Geode Dragon, Golden Hybrid, Breed one with Water + Earth elements

Whoever said BFS must have rocks in their head must have been right. Hot on the heels of the Leaf dragon dragon comes the all singing, all dancing permanent Geode dragon.

"These dragons were recently discovered deep within the Tull Caverns. The Wizard scholars are abuzz with the mysteries surrounding this dragon, some theorize that they are the ancient ancestors of gemstone dragons. While sharing a marked resemblance to gemstone dragons, they are unable to generate magic gems and retain the ability to breed with other dragons."

OK I may have been exaggerating about the singing. (Unless you are a Killishandra fan!) And the dancing. Oh and the rocks in their heads. That's Trolls. You can get this latest Golden Hybrid using any Earth and Water element. We hope one rises out of the mud of the river for you soon.

Geode is available from level 14. Buy him for 675 gems, sell him for 600,000 DC, score 750K XP when you hatch him. His breeding time is 23 hrs (or 18:24 in an upgraded site).

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DragonVale, Leaf Dragon, Breed one with Light + Air + Plant Hybrids, Seasonal

It appears that BFS are turning over a new leaf. A Leaf Dragon in fact. This is a new limited seasonal dragon that has Prism as a guaranteed fail. Good news if you are still trying desperately for one of them. I might even go so far as to say.. What a releaf. But I'd better not. I might be told to leave. As the leaf will soon. So you better hurry.

"Leaf dragons are famous for their uncanny ability to blend into their surroundings. Novice caretakers are frequently flummoxed by the sudden "disappearance" of their leaf dragons. More experienced wizards bring along a peppermill and lightly season the bushes in a habitat until they hear a sneeze! "

Leaf is available at level 21. You can buy one for 1,350 gems, sells for 4,500,000 DC and awards 2,000,000 exp. She requires 37h to breed (or 29h 36m in an upgraded site).

Breed one with any Plant, Light and Water hybrid. It can breed only with other Seasonal Type dragons.

The Leaf Dragon is accompanied by the limited decoration, the Twilight Vines. Available to buy for 50,000 DC

"Gathered from the deepest depths of the Jungles of Viridia, Twilight Vines are said to grow so fast that you can take a nap in a clearing and wake up in a thicket! "

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DragonVale, Peridot Dragon, Gemstone dragon, Breed one with Cactus + Crystal

Bye-bye July (and bye-bye Ruby Dragon and its decoration); August is here, and so returns the Peridot Dragon.

"Professor Olivine first discovered the peridot dragon while researching a thorny plant in the High Plains of Faridat. These proud and august creatures can be seen headbutting each other in the wild as a display of their strength and magnificence... or maybe they're just tired of being confused with emerald dragons. Peridot dragons, like all gemstone dragons, cannot breed."

Everything about the Peridot Dragon is the same as last year, including its combination: Cactus + Crystal. If you weren't around last year for Peridot, you will soon hate breeding for this dragon, as it seems every other failed attempt is a Crystal dragon.

Peridot is available as of level 11. Buy him for 1,475 gems, sell him for 1,5M DC, score 100K XP when you hatch him. His breeding time is 31 hrs (or 24h 48m in an upgraded site).

Also returning is Peridot's decoration: the Olivine Obelisk. This decoration costs 30K DC and awards you 15K XP.

"This grand monument, named for the Professor who discovered peridot dragons, contains shards of embedded peridot that are found after a peridot dragon headbutting contest."

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DragonVale, Hydra Dragon, Breed one with Current + Quake, Olympic

BFS is very happy to announce a new mythological dragon from the dark realm. I guess once you breed one, it is no longer mythological. Just don't cut off any of its heads. It will grow two for every one cut off!

"Hydra dragons are extremely picky eaters. Since no two heads can agree on what to eat at a given time, it's a wonder they finish a meal at all! Fortunately, the wizards have learned to provide them with a buffet at mealtimes, so each head gets to eat what it wants! "

Hydra is available at level 17. You can buy one for 2,150 gems, sells for 1,800,000 DC and awards 350,000 exp. She requires 34h to breed (or 27h 12m in an upgraded site).

Breed one with Current + Quake.

If you are running out of room, BFS have kindly provided an upgrade to the Olympus Habitat For 9,000,000 DC you can get room for four dragons with a cap of 1,250,000.

"Inspired by the Olympus dragons' thirst for achievement, the wizards have devised a larger habitat. Sporting an even larger brazier and spill-over seating, your guests can be assured prime viewing of all Olympus dragon's atheletic antics! "

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Dragonvale, Summer Dragon, Fire, Lightning, water

Those lazy hazy crazy days are back.The seasonal habitat has grown its summer foliage, as has the Seasonal Dragon. Also the cicada like Summer Dragon has made its reappearance. So stock up on soda and pretzels and beer and mosey on over to the forum for a chat!

"While researching seasonal magic in the far off Forests of Farn, the wizard Shamash discovered the summer dragon one evening by tripping over it. Thankfully, the dragon didn't mind or even bother to wake up. Since then, summer dragons have been famed as the hardest sleeping dragons, probably because they are some of the most active dragons during the day! "

Available from L14. Breeding time is 24hrs/19:12 , can be bought for 1500 gems, sold for DC 1,500,000, and scores you 50,000 XP when hatched. This is a limited dragon. It can be bred with any two dragons containing Fire, Lightning and Water elements between them. Try keeping to the summer theme with Firefly and Water.

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Dragonvale, Dream Dragon, Light, Dark, Doctor, Four Elements

Shades of Hamlet and Val Jean! Even Mickey gets a mention. Martin and Jeannie will be jealous. And as for Rand, well he's known about them for years. A new dragon. A new epic element and a new habitat. What a dream. Or is it a nightmare? Let us know how you go getting one on the forum!

"What dragons may come, when we have shuffled off this vale's veil, and worked magic while we slumbered? Well, it seems Young Witch Feiljean fell asleep practicing at her spells one night, but kept right on casting. In fact, others watched in wonder as the slumbering apprentice worked magic more powerful than all but a few have ever seen! When the night was over, most of the magic had faded away, but the great, strange dragons that had appeared that night remained. They are beautiful but elusive creatures, and tend to vanish quickly if you approach them directly. "

Available from L26. Breeding time is 50hrs/40hrs , can be bought for a whopping 3,600 gems, sold for DC 10,000,000, and scores you 5,000,000 XP when hatched. This is a permanent dragon, but has some epic fails that you cannot avoid. Check it out on the forum!

You will of course need a new habitat when you finally snare one of these beauties. Though at 50,000,000DC to buy, you had better start saving now.
"Some dragons take a nap, some hibernate, some never slumber...and then there are those that exist in a constant dreaming state. It took some time to conjure a stable manifestation of the famed Morpheon, a habitat half real and half dream, your dream dragons will be quite comfortable here. It's best to keep your visitors from wandering in, though, as it's easy to get lost in dreams"

It is also accompanied by the Window of Reverie. Available for 10,000,000 DC
Some say gazing into the depths of the Window of Reverie is a portal into your own dreams. Others say it's a portal into another dimesion, maybe even where the light and dark dragons were awaiting their return to this world. Skeptics think it's just a magical illusion of a starry night.

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