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Dragonvale, Winter event, Collect Iceberries for prizes

We have a new event. It is rapidly approaching the holiday season and the wizlings are busy collecting berries for the new range of Iceberry tarts Wapatango is making. You can help them along. Collect Iceberries and trade them in for prizes. Collect Iceberries by visiting friends, hatching dragons, collecting food and buying stuff with gems. Let us know how you go on the forum!

Laziness Space prevents us from giving full details, but rest assured you can find out more on the forum. Here is a brief summary:

Action Reward Daily Limit Comments
Collect DC/Gems 2 40 Becomes scarcer
Hatch dragon varies by dragon 40 e.g. Forge: 20, Plant: 2
Spend Gem 1 40 Every gem spent until you hit the limit
Grow Food 2 40 Becomes scarcer
Visit Friends 5 10 One party hat per friend
Clear Obstacles 2 10 Every obstacle
Find Sandakloz 6 24 Find him
Colosseum 15/20/25 25 Depends on medal won
Give/receive gems 5/10 60  

There will be double Iceberry days, so save your gems for them.

Won't you please come by the forum to find out more and join in the conversation.

Reindeer Dragon

These hybrid dragons come from the Far North and can only be bred near the end of the year. Centuries ago, the magical toymaker Sandakloz journeyed north to study these rare creatures. He never returned from his journey, but every year since, during the month when reindeer dragons can be bred, children wake up one day to find magical toys in boxes bearing the old mage's signature.

The second ever limited dragon has returned to give everyone another chance to own it. Any combination including Plant and Cold elements will give you the chance to breed one. Adding Fire to the mix will give you the shortest average fail time. Poison + Lichen or Evergreen + Bluefire are good choices. You can also breed for Bluefire or Frostfire simultaneously using a pure Fire or Cold Dragon as one of the parents.

You can buy one for 100 Gems. Then sell it again for 100,000 DC. It will earn you 4,500 Xp when you hatch one. As it is available from Level 9, most players should be able to get at least one. It should be available all December.

Come by the Tips and Tricks Thread to join in the conversation.

DragonVale, Mistletoe Dragon, Dream, Breed one with Lichen + Tree

As the great Wizard Bingle crooned oh so many years ago: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Mistletoe has returned to our parks.
Mistletoe dragons are a mischievous lot and the subject of many a myth. Some people believe they bring luck, some people believe they bring love, others still believe they can end conflict simply by being near. The only thing we know for certain is they love to take Tree Dragon treats when they aren't looking.

Mistletoe is available at level 9. You can buy one for 300 gems and sell it for 1,170,000 DC. It takes 8 Hours to breed (or 6:24 in an updated site) and rewards you with 100,000 XP when hatched. At level 10 it earns 77 DC/m.

There is only one combination for breeding a Mistletoe dragon. It is Lichen + Tree.

Won't you please come by the forum and show us your Holiday spirit.

Turquoise Dragon

Turquoise dragons inhabit the arid Khorasan region of the Shimmering Isles and are the oldest known gemstone dragons. Fun fact, despite their dry climate, their skin is the smoothest of all the dragons. Turquoise dragons, like all gemstone dragons, cannot breed.

The December gemstone dragon has arrived. It has a 31 hour breeding time (24 hours 48 mins), it will earn 100,000 XP when hatched and sells for 1.5 million DC. Or you can buy one for 1,475 Gems. It has the same earn rate as the other monthly Gemstone Dragons of 1 gem a week.

The breeding combo is locked. You can only breed this dragon with Poison + Swamp. It is a 3-element combo, so no chance of Rainbow. In fact, it is one of the best Gemstone combos, with two fails under an hour, and none more than 10.

The Turquoise Dragon is accompanied by the Cryptocrystalline Talisman. You can buy one for 31,000 DC.
The Cryptocrystalline Talisman was created by a great potion brewer, Pliny the middle aged. His long held research proved the long held belief that turquoise is a good charm against any type of misfortune. Pliny disproved all conjecture that bad luck comes to anyone whose gem changes color. Still, you may want to check it every so often.

Come by the forum to find out more and join in the conversation.

Lodestone, DragonVale, Golden Hybrid

The latest in the Golden Hybrids has arrived at a 'Vale near you.
It's said that the great explorer Jorsten Seabound always sailed with one of these dragons perched on the mast of his ship. With the aid of the Lodestone dragon's instinctive guidance, he never lost his way. By their instincts, these dragons have found their way to the Vale!

Available from L18, you can buy one for 1,000 gems if you are in a hurry. And sell it again for 500,000 DC if you are fickle. It earns 1,000,000 XP. Breeding time is 25 hours 30 minutes (20:24 in an enhanced site).

As with all Golden Hybrids, the Lodestone Dragon is a permanent dragon with just two elements like a regular dragon. It is, however, much rarer. Do not expect to get one on your first try. It can be bred with any combination that includes Metal and Lightning elements. Electrum is always going to be a potential fail. Plant and Magnetic will also give you the chance to attract an Ironwood to your park as well as adding some shorter fails into the mix to reduce your average fail time.

Won't you please come by the forum and tell us just how attractive you find this new addition to the family.

DragonVale, Pixie Dragon, Legendary dragon, Pixie Dust

There have been reliable sightings of the legendary Pixie Dragon.
Lately feared extinct even in its native habitat in the remoter areas of the Milekey Ranges, the legendary Pixie Dragon has been observed recently by the great witch Kiyojiree. Extremely rare at the best of times, if you can entice a visit to your park, the scattering of Pixie Dust left behind is rumoured to greatly enhance the chances of breeding whatever dragon you desire.

The Pixie Dragon cannot be bred, but if you can get it to visit your Park it will supply Pixie Dust on request. Pixie is priceless and cannot be bought or sold. Valers of all levels have received a visit to their Park.

The most reliable method of organising a visit is to place a request on the forum. Offers of zazzberry tarts and dragonade have been known to help the cause of supplicants.

DragonVale, Jet Dragon, gem dragon, Ash, Gemstone, Frostfire, Breed one with Ash + Frostfire.

The Jet Dragon is speeding through Whitby at Mach 3. Again.
The jet dragon was first discovered shortly after the Cataclysm. The wizard Lignius found a smooth, black stone amid the pulverized trees near the Scar. That stone turned out to be a jet dragon egg!

30 Hours (24 hours), it will earn 150 K XP when hatched and sells for 2.5 M DC. You can also buy this dragon for 1,500 gems. You must be at level 11 or above to get this dragon.

The breeding combo has been confirmed as Ash and Frostfire.

Won't you please come by the forum and join in the excited conversation.

Berry, DragonVale, Breed with Fire, Light and Water

If you are having trouble housing all your Dream Dragons, help is at hand. Provided of course you are insanely wealthy. At 150,000,000 DC to buy it is by far the most expensive habitat to date. It costs more than some of the islands. Rumour has it that the astronomical cost is due in part to the licensing agreement with the Ancients as it has a fully operational Stargate built into the habitat.
Building upon the success of the initial dream habitat, the wizards have pushed the barriers of dream and reality by adding a window into the world of dreams. Observing these dragons in their natural, vivid state serves as both muse and inspiration to witches and wizards who visit.

Available from L30, you can buy one for 150,000,000 DC As usual you can sell it for half that, and you get half in Experience on completion. Build time is 24 Hours.

Won't you please come by the forum and tell us why you think it's worth it.

DragonVale, New dragon, 200th, Bicentennial Dragon, Air, Fire, Lightning

The 200th dragon seems to have had a difficult birth. All sorts of strange and dire portents appeared in the Vale immediately prior to its release.
Rumored to only appear every great few ages, the bicentennial dragons are among the rarest dragons ever seen by the witches and wizards. On a chance encounter at the Garita volcano, the witch Komoria was suprised to find the bicentennial dragons following her back to the Vale. Darting in flight with their dual pairs of wings, these dragons rarely stay on the ground for long. Be sure to breed one before they return to the skies!

Incubation time is 20 hours (16 hours). You must be level 20 or above. It can be bought for 2014 gems, sells for 2 M DC, and earns 2 M exp points.

You can breed this dragon with any pair that bring Lightning, Fire and Air to the party. If you are still trying for Ragnarok, you will be pleased to know that Leather and Howl will give you a shot at both. Mind you some of the fails are horrendous so I would suggest sticking to something safer like Smoke and Lightning. Though no chance for the permanent Ragnarok there.

Be sure to swing by the forum and discuss your strategy for acquiring the Bicentennial Man Dragon with us.

DragonVale, Sapphire Dragon, Gemstone dragon, Breed one with Mountain + Rain

October sees the arrival of yet another attempt to end the world. Like the others before it, it is likely doomed to failure. The seeds of the failure lie in the legend of Ragnarok itself. A close examination reveals that it is actually a rebirth of the world. All we will lose is a few of the gods of Asgard. Still it allows us to collect another apocalypse type dragon.

Lingering long in caverns deep,
Ragnarok dragons took their sleep
Wolfish, serpentine, giant, strong,
In cold, dark earth howled fire song!
Walked by wizards, their kind return,
Treat them well from them you'll learn!

Any breeding pair that includes Dark, Fire, Cold and Earth elements can help you end this cycle of creation and start the next. As with all dragons needing four elements, watch out for visits by the Doctor.

Ragnarok is available from level 18. Buy him for 1,300 gems, sell him for 2,221,024 DC, score 201,413 XP when you hatch him. His breeding time is 39 hrs 27m (or 31:33:36 in an upgraded site).

To aid your quest, the Large Apocalypse Habitat has been released. You can get one of your very own for 4,500,000 DC. It needs 7x7 grid squares to place and takes 24 hours to build. It holds 4 dragons and has an earning cap of 1,250,000 DC

In summoning the chunks of Garita, no wizard or witch could have predicted the need to contain the ever-expanding magics contained within. Thanks to quick thinking by the witch Vuluca in capping the magic inside a dome, apocalypse dragons everywhere can now enjoy the safer, larger habitat.

Won't you please come by the forum and join in the conversation.


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