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Dragonvale, Motley Dragon, Wild thing, breed it with anything

That meddlesome Motley dragon is back to make more mischief! This unique fellow is back, hopefully for a limited time. Sadly, we have yet to discover a way to prevent an outright infestation of these irrepressible rascals. Abstinence works, of course, but where's the fun in that? So, if you come up with a trick that keeps the Motleys away, let us know on the forum!

"It's the same old situation, the motley dragon is of unknown origin. A crew of six wizards has been studying them, but the results are not making them feel good. Some wizards have a theory, which is a bit on the wild side, that motley dragons are related to a rumored invisible dragon."

The Motley Dragon is available at level 7, can be bought for 123 gems, sells for 13,000 DC, and grants 6,000 XP when hatched. The Motley Dragon's incubation time is 13 hrs (10:24 Hr). It lives in a Plant or Fire Habitat. We don't know when this dragon expires.

Lunar Eclipse, DragonVale, Breed with Air, Cold, Earth

Those of us with an Umbral Sculpture have seen it turn dark. That can only mean the return of an Eclipse Dragon. A quick check of the almanac reveals that a total Lunar Eclipse will be visible on 4 April over western North America, the Pacific, east Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

"The rare lunar eclipse dragon only ventures from its habitat on the dark side of the moon during lunar eclipses, when it is shielded from the sun's rays. Living in the frigid, sunless, blackness, this dragon is graced with a thick layer of blubber to keep it warm. Although, some wizards have suggested they're just big boned."

The Lunar Eclipse dragon is available at level 16. It can be bought for 2,250 gems, and sell it again for 2,250,000 DC. It grants 100,000 XP when hatched. Breeding time is 48 Hr (38:24). It lives in a Sun or a Moon Habitat.

Any combination that has Air, Cold and Earth can make a Lunar Eclipse! We recommend Air + Arctic/Ghost/Glacier/Winter/Mountain as a combo that eliminates the chance of a Rainbow. A second Lunar Eclipse dragon can be bred by breeding one with any of the other Limited Sun/Moon dragons even when expired.

And don't forget to get yourself the associated decoration while it is available: The Umbral Sculpture. It is available for 30,000 DC when the Lunar Eclipse Dragon is available

This sculpture was inspired by the story of the creation of the world and the coming together of the first Sun and Moon dragons. When the magic is aligned to allow for Eclipse dragons to be bred the magic of sculpture is activated and a syzygy occurs.

Keep an eye on the Tips and Tricks Thread and join the forum to get an email when new dragons are released.

Spring Dragon, Epic Dragon, Rare Dragon, breed one with Fire, Plant, Cold and Lightning elements

Please welcome the Spring Dragon to your parks, the latest rare and epic dragon for DragonVale.

"The wizard Akitu helped form the magical energies in the Seasonal Habitat. When he went out to study his work, he discovered another rare and lively dragon had joined the habitat. Having never seen this breed before, he decided to commemorate the first day of Spring and called it a spring dragon. Akitu is fairly certain they follow patterns of the Northern hemisphere and won't be here forever."

We are not sure when exactly the Spring dragon expires... perhaps on or before the first day of summer: June 21st. The Spring dragon lives in the Seasonal habitat. Breed one by combining the Fire, Cold, and Lightning elements together. Consider adding the Plant element to bring down the average fail time. A good combination is Flower + Storm. The Spring dragon has a 24 hr breeding time (19 hrs 12 min in an upgraded site). You can buy it for 1,500 gems and sell it for DC 1,500,000. It is available at level 16 and it grants you 25,000 XP when hatched. It lives in a Seasonal Habitat.

Speaking of the Seasonal habitat, say bye-bye to the drab winter skin and hello to the vibrant spring skin! That's right, DrangonVale is declaring winter to be over with the fourth and final skin on the Seasonal habitat. The Seasonal dragon, too, is budding and colourful. Now, if only the weather outside in RL would follow suit :-)

Come by the forum and check it out

Sakura Dragon, Spring Dragon, Rare Dragon, Blossom dragon, breed it with Tree + Flower

Spring is fast approaching. One of the early signs is the much anticipated re release of the dainty and graceful Sakura Dragon. You can breed your very own using the locked combination of Tree and Flower.

"Sakura dragons, also sometimes called Cherry Blossom dragons, appear in the springtime when they bask in the beauty of spring's new growth. Villages where Sakura dragons visit will hold celebrations and picnics beneath these docile dragons' flowered wings in honor of the season."

The Sakura Dragon is available at level 7, can be bought for 300 gems, sells for 500,000 DC, and grants 30,000 XP when hatched. The Sakura Dragon's incubation time is 10 hrs (8 Hr). It lives in a Plant, Earth, or Fire Habitat.

And don't forget to get yourself the associated decoration while it is available: Bonsai Blossom. It is available for 7,000 DC when the Sakura Dragon is available

Each spring, in celebration of an ancient pact of friendship, powerful plant wizards of a far off realm send beautifully shaped Bonsai Blossom trees to the wizards of DragonVale. The poet-wizard Hi'Coo once described them as, "On a twisted trunk, spreading great joy through the land, blossoms of beauty.

The Sakura Dragon recently won Favorite dragon on the forums. Come by Dragon Park Board and check it out

Dragonvale, Easter event, Collect eggs for Monolith Dragons, 
              Epic Relic

The wizards are finally giving the Epics the chance to grow up but you need to earn the ability.
To achieve that goal, you need to find and collect eggs in your park. Along the way you will also earn two very special Monolith Dragons.

We don't want to give everything away. But rest assured you can find out more on the forum. Here is a brief summary:

Action Reward Daily Limit Comments
Collect DC/Gems 2 40 Becomes scarcer
Hatch dragon varies by dragon 40 e.g. Forge: 20, Plant: 2
Spend Gem 1 40 Every gem spent until you hit the limit
Grow Food 2 40 Becomes scarcer
Visit Friends 5 10 One party hat per friend
Clear Obstacles 2 10 Every obstacle
Find special egg 15 15 Just don't crack any yolks
Colosseum 20/25/30 30 Depends on medal won
Quest varies 20 Check at the perch of Kairos
Receive gifts 10 120 Get eggs with any gift from a friend

There will be double egg days, so save your gems and obstacles for them.

Won't you please come by the forum to find out more and join in the conversation.

Ovalith, Easter gem dragon, Easter, Ovalith Dragon, 
              breed it with BLOOM + PANLONG

The Ovalith Dragon has not been seen in the world since the Age of Myth! Awakened from their aeons-long slumber, these graceful and stately dragons may well be the last of their kind, treat them well! These ultra rare gemstone dragons cannot breed with other dragons.

First seen during the magic egg event of 2014, this limited Gemstone dragon can now be bred by pairing Bloom + Panlong. Fails are numerous and painful.

The Ovalith Dragon is available at level 12. It can be bought for 3, 650 gems, sells for 1, 750, 000 DC and grants 150, 000 XP when hatched. The Ovalith Dragon lives in a Gemstone habitat. Its incubation time is 30 hrs (24:00), which is unique with this pairing.

And don't forget to get yourself a few of the limited decoration: The Egg of Burcardia. Originally received in the same event, it is now available for 5 gems when the Ovalith Dragon is available

The Egg of Burcadia is a massive monument to the vast creative power of the dragons. Coursing through intricate channels carved within the stone is a magical emulsion once used to feed freshly hatched dragons in the lost city. Wizards nowadays grow fresh treats instead--and dragons have never been healthier! Find enough Magic Eggs and you can have this decoration!

Come by the forum to find out more and join in the conversation.

DragonVale, Lapis Dragon, gem dragon, Sandstorm, Gemstone, Thunder, Breed one with Ash + Frostfire.

At last! A dragon to suit a king!

The controversial wizard Pablue Pickaxe is said to have studied nothing but the azure Lapis dragon for the longest period of his time as master of the Academy. Despite the eccentric distortions his spells wove, his work was greatly admired and influences wizards to this day. Some say he was inspired by the images of the noble dragon found frequently in the ancient desert monuments Pickaxe made his home.

With a breeding time of 32 Hours (25:36), it will earn 125, 000 XP when hatched and sells for 2, 500, 000 DC. You can also buy this dragon for 1, 500 gems. You must be at level 16 or above to get this dragon.

The breeding combination is Thunder and Sandstorm.

There is also a limited decoration released with this dragon:The Azure Emblem is available for 100, 000 DC.
The origins of this ancient monument hails from deep within the Sandara Desert. Wizard scholars theorize that the golden ram horns symbolize prosperity, and the blue scarab represents longevity.

Won't you please come by the forum and join in the excited conversation.

Aquamarine Dragon, March Gemstone dragon, breed it with Iceberg + River

Adrift in the Sea of Kimzar with no help in sight, the water wizard Koostow despaired that his latest magical experiment hadn't gone quite as he had planned. Much to his surprise, he was lifted from the icy waters on the back of an Aquamarine dragon and rescued. To return the favor, Koostow worked hard to make sure these dragons would be comfortable living on the Gemstone Island. Aquamarine dragons, like all gemstone dragons, cannot breed.

The Aquamarine Dragon has returned for the month of March. The locked breeding combination is River + Iceberg. It has a breeding time of 31 hrs (24:48 in an upgraded breeding site), earns 100, 000 XP when hatched and can be sold for 1, 500, 000 DC.

It is also accompanied by a 2x2 decoration, the Aquamarine Pendant, selling for 31, 000 DC.
Deep in the Mines of Dramoria, the largest aquamarine crystal deposit in the world was found. Using those crystals, the wizards have crafted the Pendant and suspended it above a pool comprised of water gathered from every major ocean, sea, river and lake in the known world.

And come by the forum to find out more and join in the conversation.

DragonVale, Frostbite Dragon, Golden Hybrid, Breed one with Dark and Cold elements

It is usually best known for stealing fingers, toes, tips of noses, and the leaves of our plants on occasion. But the new Frostbite dragon that has come to grace our parks, while sharing the name, it has no taste for fingers, preferring snow by the shovel load. You're going to want a pair to clean up the recent Winter Wonderland theme.

Wizards with especially chilly islands all agree the frostbite dragon is the best discovery since the return of the dark dragons. Their peculiar talent for gobbling up massive quantities of snow is what earned them this appreciation and their name.

Any breeding pair that includes Dark and Cold elements can help you chill out.

Frostbite is available from level 25. Buy him for 750 gems, sell him for 500, 000 DC, score 500, 000 XP when you hatch him. His breeding time is 4 hours (or 3:12 in an upgraded site).

Won't you please come by the forum and join in the conversation.


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