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				Galaxy Dragons,Galaxy Islands,Galaxy Habitat,DV 3.0,3.0

With the end of the Starfall event, Astronomer Noel dePlante used the leftover stardust to create a Cooperative Breeding Cave and Galaxy Habitats to house the Galaxy dragons you can now attract. This breeding cave allows breeding with friends, with interesting suggestions to help friends gain limited dragons they missed out on at the time. Come explore the new Dragonvale 3.0 with us at the forum!

The Cooperative Breeding Cave is a marvel of wizarding ingenuity that allows two breeding caves to link their magic, working across space and time. With the help of everyone in Dragonvale, astronomancer Noel dePlante brought a piece of falling star to rest. He then did what any self respecting wizard would do with an unknown material - he crafted a breeding cave. Nogard says its fine, as long as we don't destroy the universe.

The Cooperative Breeding Cave is available at level 10; come help us discover more!

Emerald Dragon, Crystal, Lichen, Doctor, Dragonvale

The first Gemstone dragon, the Emerald Dragon, is back! As with all gemstone dragons, there is a single fixed combination: Crystal and Lichen. Unfortunately, there are some horrendous fails, including Crystal, Sun, Moon and the extremely rare Double Rainbow. Great if you are still chasing them. Not so great if you score a Double Rainbow with just a day to go for Emerald. Let us know how you go on the forum!

Should you be lucky enough to breed an emerald dragon, you may notice they're imbued with a special magic from the Shimmering Isles. Small but powerful, the emerald dragon magically generates gems...making it, and other gemstone dragons, the most sought after dragons in all the land. Emerald dragons originate from the crystal forests hidden within the Sedna Mountains. Emerald dragons, like all gemstone dragons, cannot breed.

The Emerald Dragon is available in May, and expires on May 31. it lives in the gemstone habitat. Breed one by combining the Crystal+Lichen dragons together. The Emerald dragon has a 31 hr breeding time (24 hrs 48 min in an upgraded site). You can buy it for 1,500 gems and sell it for DC 1,500,000. It is available at level 12 and it grants you 100,000 XP when hatched.

And don't forget to get yourself the associated decoration while it is available: The Emerald Triquetra. It is available for 30,000 DC when the Emerald Dragon is available

This columnar formation from the Shimmering Isles has been carefully crafted and adorned with a three-cornered knot. The ancient symbol's meaning has been speculated for generations, but the prevailing theory is that it represents the symbiosis between wizards, dragons and the elements.

Spring Dragon, Epic Dragon, Rare Dragon, breed one with Fire, Plant, Cold and Lightning elements

Please welcome the Spring Dragon to your parks, the latest rare and epic dragon for DragonVale.

The wizard Akitu helped form the magical energies in the Seasonal Habitat. When he went out to study his work, he discovered another rare and lively dragon had joined the habitat. Having never seen this breed before, he decided to commemorate the first day of Spring and called it a spring dragon. Akitu is fairly certain they follow patterns of the Northern hemisphere and won't be here forever.

We are not sure when exactly the Spring dragon expires... perhaps on or before the first day of summer: June 21st. The Spring dragon lives in the Seasonal habitat. Breed one by combining the Fire, Cold, and Lightning elements together. Consider adding the Plant element to bring down the average fail time. A good combination is Flower + Storm. The Spring dragon has a 24 hr breeding time (19 hrs 12 min in an upgraded site). You can buy it for 1,500 gems and sell it for DC 1,500,000. It is available at level 16 and it grants you 25,000 XP when hatched. It lives in a Seasonal Habitat.

Speaking of the Seasonal habitat, say bye-bye to the drab winter skin and hello to the vibrant spring skin! That's right, DrangonVale is declaring winter to be over with the fourth and final skin on the Seasonal habitat. The Seasonal dragon, too, is budding and colourful. Now, if only the weather outside in RL would follow suit :-)

Come by the forum and check it out

DragonVale, Lapis Dragon, gem dragon, Sandstorm, Gemstone, Thunder, Breed one with Ash + Frostfire.

At last! A dragon to suit a king!

The controversial wizard Pablue Pickaxe is said to have studied nothing but the azure Lapis dragon for the longest period of his time as master of the Academy. Despite the eccentric distortions his spells wove, his work was greatly admired and influences wizards to this day. Some say he was inspired by the images of the noble dragon found frequently in the ancient desert monuments Pickaxe made his home.

With a breeding time of 32 Hours (25:36), it will earn 125, 000 XP when hatched and sells for 2, 500, 000 DC. You can also buy this dragon for 1, 500 gems. You must be at level 16 or above to get this dragon.

The breeding combination is Thunder and Sandstorm.

There is also a limited decoration released with this dragon:The Azure Emblem is available for 100, 000 DC.
The origins of this ancient monument hails from deep within the Sandara Desert. Wizard scholars theorize that the golden ram horns symbolize prosperity, and the blue scarab represents longevity.

Won't you please come by the forum and join in the excited conversation.


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