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Aquamarine Dragon, March Gemstone dragon, breed it with Iceberg + River

"Adrift in the Sea of Kimzar with no help in sight, the water wizard Koostow despaired that his latest magical experiment hadn't gone quite as he had planned. Much to his surprise, he was lifted from the icy waters on the back of an Aquamarine dragon and rescued. To return the favor, Koostow worked hard to make sure these dragons would be comfortable living on the Gemstone Island. Aquamarine dragons, like all gemstone dragons, cannot breed."

The Aquamarine Dragon has returned for the month of March. The locked breeding combination is River + Iceberg. It has a breeding time of 31 hrs (24:48 in an upgraded breeding site), earns 100,000 XP when hatched and can be sold for 1,500,000 DC.

It is also accompanied by a 2x2 decoration, the Aquamarine Pendant, selling for 31,000 DC.
"Deep in the Mines of Dramoria, the largest aquamarine crystal deposit in the world was found. Using those crystals, the wizards have crafted the Pendant and suspended it above a pool comprised of water gathered from every major ocean, sea, river and lake in the known world."

And come by the forum to find out more and join in the conversation.

DragonVale, Carnival, Pepper, Orlon, Earth, Bone, Mardi Gras

The first known Carnival dragon emerged from hibernation near the end of a particularly long and bitter winter. Spied from the ivory tower of the great wizard Orlon, its brilliant colors and high energy snapped him out of the gloom he'd been lost in, contemplating the nature of Wizardkind. In that instant, he cast off his Master's robes, throwing his rings and charms and gold to the crowds who gathered to cheer him as he danced after the dragon out of town. When he returned, the people hardly recognized the cheerful, boisterous, and much rounder wizard as the same gloomy Master Wizard they had known. It was said that the old Orlon had gone forever, and the new Orlon was full of life and joy -- using his powerful magic now only for the creation of world class food and drink. New Orlon's is the most popular place to celebrate to this very day!

The Carnival dragon is here for a short time only. Get one while you can. It can be bred with Pepper and any dragon with the Earth Element. Pepper and Earth itself make a good combination. Of course, if you want to get into the spirit of the bayou then you could try Pepper and Moss or Pepper and Bone.

Incubation time is 12 Hours (9:36 enhanced) or you can buy one for a mere 340 gems. It sells for 15,000 DC and you earn 3,500 XP. Moss is a troll for it.

Orlon's Pavilion was released at the same time. It costs 1,000 DC.
These festive tents often appear where ever fun is needed most. We're not sure what really goes on in there, but visitors always comes out smiling.

Won't you please sashay by the forum and join in the excited conversation.

DragonVale, Frostbite Dragon, Golden Hybrid, Breed one with Dark and Cold elements

It is usually best known for stealing fingers, toes, tips of noses, and the leaves of our plants on occasion. But the new Frostbite dragon that has come to grace our parks, while sharing the name, it has no taste for fingers, preferring snow by the shovel load. You're going to want a pair to clean up the recent Winter Wonderland theme.

Wizards with especially chilly islands all agree the frostbite dragon is the best discovery since the return of the dark dragons. Their peculiar talent for gobbling up massive quantities of snow is what earned them this appreciation and their name.

Any breeding pair that includes Dark and Cold elements can help you chill out.

Frostbite is available from level 25. Buy him for 750 gems, sell him for 500,000 DC, score 500,000 XP when you hatch him. His breeding time is 4 hours (or 3:12 in an upgraded site).

Won't you please come by the forum and join in the conversation.

Lodestone, DragonVale, Golden Hybrid

The latest in the Golden Hybrids has arrived at a 'Vale near you.
It's said that the great explorer Jorsten Seabound always sailed with one of these dragons perched on the mast of his ship. With the aid of the Lodestone dragon's instinctive guidance, he never lost his way. By their instincts, these dragons have found their way to the Vale!

Available from L18, you can buy one for 1,000 gems if you are in a hurry. And sell it again for 500,000 DC if you are fickle. It earns 1,000,000 XP. Breeding time is 25 hours 30 minutes (20:24 in an enhanced site).

As with all Golden Hybrids, the Lodestone Dragon is a permanent dragon with just two elements like a regular dragon. It is, however, much rarer. Do not expect to get one on your first try. It can be bred with any combination that includes Metal and Lightning elements. Electrum is always going to be a potential fail. Plant and Magnetic will also give you the chance to attract an Ironwood to your park as well as adding some shorter fails into the mix to reduce your average fail time.

Won't you please come by the forum and tell us just how attractive you find this new addition to the family.

DragonVale, Jet Dragon, gem dragon, Ash, Gemstone, Frostfire, Breed one with Ash + Frostfire.

The Jet Dragon is speeding through Whitby at Mach 3. Again.
The jet dragon was first discovered shortly after the Cataclysm. The wizard Lignius found a smooth, black stone amid the pulverized trees near the Scar. That stone turned out to be a jet dragon egg!

30 Hours (24 hours), it will earn 150 K XP when hatched and sells for 2.5 M DC. You can also buy this dragon for 1,500 gems. You must be at level 11 or above to get this dragon.

The breeding combo has been confirmed as Ash and Frostfire.

Won't you please come by the forum and join in the excited conversation.


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